...Through raw, unscripted meditation.

About Us _ Raw Meditation

You are in caring hands. My passion is to help people become the very best version of themselves and reach their full potential.

I am a Registered Psychologist, Remedial Massage Therapist and Group Facilitator of Mindfulness and Meditation programs.

This is my passion and I am super excited to be providing a new and innovative service to all that want to share this part of my professional and spiritual journey. When I started meditating 3 years ago it was at a time where there were a lot of changes and challenges in my personal and professional life. I found meditation challenging at first. I remember my yoga teacher saying:

“Meditation starts off being challenging but you will find that after a while you will start to crave it. You will recognise its benefits and be drawn to its healing and balancing power”

I can honestly say that this is exactly what it has been like for me and I hope I can create the same or similar experience for you all.